FishMaster Telescopic Fishing Rod

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A telescopic fishing rod, perfect for anglers on the go, combines portability and performance, providing an excellent fishing experience anytime, anywhere.
🪶 High Sensitivity, Ultra-Light and Tough
⛮ Comfortable Grip, Ergonomic Design
🛞 High Gear Ratio, Excellent Performance
🗘 High Maneuverability, Super Light and Smooth

Universal Long Casting Spinning Reel

The NX3000 spinning reel on this telescopic fishing pole ensures versatile and efficient casting, suitable for various fishing scenarios.

Metal Line Cup with Large Capacity

Enjoy ample line capacity with the telescopic fishing rod’s lightweight metal line cup design, perfect for extended fishing sessions.

Adjustable Large-Diameter Drag

Freely adjust the rod’s drag value for precise control, complemented by the CNC machined arm, seawater-resistant, and featuring an anti-slip EVA handle.

Reinforced Reel Foot with Stable Locking

Firmly locked and resistant to wobbling, the telescopic fishing rod’s reinforced reel foot ensures a stable fishing experience, with a 5.2:1 gear ratio, 5+1 bearings, and interchangeable left/right-hand orientation.


A telescopic fishing rod is a type of fishing rod that can be extended and retracted, making it highly portable and convenient for travel.
A collapsible fishing rod, also known as a telescopic rod, works by sliding each section into the other, allowing for easy storage and transport.
The best telescopic fishing rod combines quality materials, smooth extension, and retraction, ergonomic design, and durability to provide an optimal fishing experience.
A portable fishing rod, particularly a telescopic fishing pole, is versatile and can be used for various fishing styles, including freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Maintaining a retractable fishing rod involves regular cleaning, proper storage, and careful handling to ensure that the telescopic mechanism functions smoothly.
Yes, some telescopic fishing rods are designed for deep-sea fishing. It’s essential to choose a rod with the right strength and material for this purpose.
While the Photocatalyst Mosquito Light can be used during the day, its effectiveness is usually higher during nighttime when flying insects are more active. However, specific models may have features that make them suitable for daytime use as well.
Collapsible fishing rods, including telescopic fishing poles, are available at sporting goods stores, fishing specialty shops, and online retailers.
A telescopic fishing pole offers the benefits of easy portability, adjustable length, and versatility, making it a popular choice among anglers of all levels.
Choosing the right retractable fishing rod depends on factors like the type of fishing you plan to do, your budget, and personal preferences in design and functionality.


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